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Optimization- Our services will

  • Make your computer work like new by helping you remove all junk files and optimize the performance
  • Faster booting and shut down of your computer so that applications run better
  • Help you update software & devices to improve your system performance

Diagnosis & Repair – We will assist in

  • Fixing software & hardware errors on the PC's to ensure smooth performance
  • Reducing computer crashes by helping you fix issues that may cause computer to crash
  • Resolving compatibility issues between software's and hardware's on the computer

Set up and Install – We can provide support

  • For set up and installation of your PC, software or configuring applications along with the pre installation compatibility checks
  • For migrating settings and data so that files are not lost
  • For customizations of settings for computer and software's

Antivirus – Virus Related Support

  • Assisting in installation and uninstallation / remove of antivirus
  • Help in detecting and removing malwares & virus from computer
  • Fixing computer & firewalls compatibility advice
  • Support by helping you protect against malwares and viruses
  • Advicing an updating / upgrading antivirus product.

Networking – We can provide support for

  • Setting up and installing home networks as well as configuring settings
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issue
Get comprehensive 24x7 technical support
  • Unlimited 24x7 support for Antivirus & Antispyware.
  • Secure your data and online identity; Keep your PC running fast.
Call Toll Free : 1-888-203-4434