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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned herein unveil the method and set of laws that Amity Software, Inc., follows to protect the valuable and confidential data of our clientele. You're suggested to read all the points in this privacy policy very carefully before choosing any of our services. By opting us for any of the services clearly show your acceptance to the privacy policy that've been stated here.

Your information with us is safe and secure

While delivering you with our services or during many intervals, we collect your information such as mail, phone, website, processes, master data etc., but we ensure you the full security of your data. We don't share it with anyone under any circumstance. We collect the respective details, though a registration form that you're required to fill up to avail the services. Such details include your name, correspondence address, mail, and phone. We also collect other information such as impact on customer, vendor or processes from your system to resolve the issue at hand.

Your control over your information

With us, you have a full control over your information. You can easily update your existing personal information by mailing. We mainly collect this information to make it our services more customized and accessible to you. Apart from that, we also ensure you that your information with us won't be shared with any third-party.

Communication you receive from Amity Software, Inc.

Amity Software Inc., might send communications to you via the mail address mainly for your benefit. Yet in certain cases they can be promotional as well. You can opt out of the promotional communications at will by mailing us accordingly. You can also opt in later. You still will continue to receive security related messages, legally mandated notices, and critical messages from us. In order to unsubscribe, please write us at or call us at 1800-865-2190.

Security of your information

With the use of our advanced technologies, we keep your details protected. Since your information is sensitive like your credit card details and other confidential information, so our technicians record no credit card information other than the last four digits of the credit card you've used to make the payment to us in lieu of the services you've opted for. Amity Software, Inc. is purely a customer based company that makes all possible efforts to provide you best possible services.